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Best Convertible Car Seat 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

By Atif | Last Updated 29th January, 2018

Best Convertible Car SeatsDo you want to buy the best convertible car seat 2017? Congratulations, you are at the right place because we will guide you how to select the right convertible car seats.

You may find numerous models of convertible car seats in the market; therefore, it can be difficult for you to choose one. The convertible car seats start in the rear-facing position for little babies. For older children, you can switch car seat to the front-facing position. Some seats are good to use as the booster seats for school going children. The harness of these seats is quite similar to the infant seats. These have particular weight limit rear-facing for kids. If you have younger children than 1, you can install the rear-facing seat for children. The child should weigh less than 20 lbs. Some seats are mainly designed for 40 to 50 lbs. These seats are good for children of age 2.

The convenience of best convertible car seats lures parents to choose a reliable car seat for their infants. To learn more, check out the guide to buy the best convertible car seat 2017.

Seat NameWeightDimensionsMin. WeightMax Weight 
Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat
(Editor’s Choice)
9.1 lb18.5 x 22 x 25.5 in5 lb40 lb
Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat22 lb10 x 17 x 28.5 in5 lb120 lb
Disney APT Convertible Car Seat12 pounds24 x 21.5 x 23 in5 Pounds40 Pounds
Evenflo Symphony Elite Car Seat
24 pounds27.5 x 21 x 20.8 in5 Pounds110 Pounds
Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat24 lb22.1 x 19.2 x 25.2 in5 lb65 lb
Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat23 pounds22 x 18.5 x 23.5 in5 Pounds65 Pounds

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat
18.7 lb24.5 x 19.2 x 24.2 in5 lb100 lb
Graco 4ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat
23 pounds21.5 x 20 x 24 in4 Pounds120 Pounds

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Car Seat
29.4 pounds23 x 18.5 x 23.5 in5 Pounds65 Pounds

Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat
20 pounds22.2 x 20.8 x 25 in5 Pounds100 Pounds

How to Choose the Best Convertible Car Seat ?

A convertible seat is designed for a growing child to grow with your baby. You can install it forward-facing or rear-facing as needed. Some states make it compulsory to use the rear-facing position of a convertible seat for a 1-year old child with the 20-pound weight. If you want to ride with a 2-year old baby with 45-pound, you can use convertible seats come with adjustable straps to fit around the shoulder of your newborn baby securely. As your child grows, you can adjust the crotch and shoulder straps to fit your taller child. Consider the maximum weight limit of the convertible car seat to use it for the longer duration.

While purchasing convertible baby car seats, consider that your newborns need headrests to brace them up. After installation, it can be difficult for you to move convertible seats. These seats are larger than the newborn baby. Unlike car seats, these seats don’t snap in the base for easy placement and removal in the car. A convertible seat is a good option for babies to travel in a car.

Here are some important features to consider in the convertible car seats:

Safety Features

All convertible car seats should meet minimum government standards for safety. Almost all convertible car seats on the market meet these safety standards. These seats come with an expiration date. You should not purchase car seats that are older than six years because these will not meet the existing safety standards. After few years of using these seats, the plastic component of these seats become weak. Check for the visible damage After an accident with your convertible car seat; you should immediately replace it. The parents should look the following safety features:

5-point Harness

This harness is important for toddlers and infantcar seats. This harness attaches over both thighs, both shoulders and between the legs of your child for maximum security at all 5 points. Secure the chest of your baby at an armpit level with one plastic clip. In the case of a crash, the special 5-point harness can limit the movement of the head of a child and prevents sliding under the hitch.

LATCH System

Lower anchors or LATCH and tethers for babies is a technique to secure the seat of the car in your car. All car seats and car manufactured after 2002 support this system. With the help of LATCH system, the parents can tether the seat of the car directly to their vehicle instead of using a seatbelt to secure it. Parents with old cars can use the seatbelt for installation of convertible seats in their cars. LATCH connectors are good to push-on or hook-on. The push-on connectors are easy to install as compared to hook connectors. The convertible seat should come with one top leash and two bottom tether.

Protection for Side Impact

Some convertible seats offer protection from side impact. These seats are designed with an energy-absorbing foam to decrease the incidence of strikes from sides of the head of the baby in case of an accident.

Comfort of Convertible Seat

The convertible car seat should offer sufficient padding in the seat of the car for the comfort of the baby. The seat should have ample padding around the head and chest strap to increase the comfort of your baby while riding. It should decrease the likelihood of straps rubbing the body of your child in a wrong way. Without sufficient padding, you have to put extra blankets or towels for additional comfort of your baby.

Washable Seat Cover

Children can make the seat messy because newborns are famous for spitting up and vomiting. They may have a diaper leakage or any other accident. In this situation, you have to clean this mess. To make your work easy, you should choose a convertible seat with a removable cover. A removable cover will be easy to wash and keep your convertible seat clean.

Easy Adjustability

As your baby grows, you will need straps to adjust your baby in the car seat. Numerous convertible seats come with easy adjustments from their front without uninstalling the seats from your car. For your convenience, you should avoid the use of car seats that should be removed or taken apart from your car to accommodate your growing baby.

Top 10 Convertible Car Seats 2017

To make your selection easy, we have shortlisted 10 Best Convertible Car Seat 2017 for you. Feel free to choose any one of them for your child.

1. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car SeatEvenflo Tribute Convertible seat meets rigorous test standards, such as side impact and safety standards. It is reliable with its structural integrity at energy levels almost 2X the federal test standard for the crash. With its light weight and compact size, the Evenflo seat is ideal for caregivers to switch between different vehicles.

This seat is designed to fit in every vehicle and offer maximum comfort to your child. The seat comes with an upfront harness amendment to conveniently adjust it to the 5-point harness from the front of your car seat. You can easily fit it around your child. Get the advantage of seat reclines for rear-facing usage. The four harness shoulder positions facilitate the needs of growing children. You can adjust this seat as per the size of your child.

For extended use, the seat comes with a two crochet buckle position. The pad is easy to remove to wash it in your machine. The seat comes with a detachable head pillow for extra support and comfort. It offers maximum security to your child from any side impact. The seat is designed and assembled in the United States of America.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of 100{b4756096701560efac2d84c5bfb42bffd2afdb44c23b38d265f4e104dea54e64} polyester in the USA
  • Tested for site impact
  • Exceeds or meets all federal safety standards and side test standards of Evenflo
  • Tested and designed for energy levels and integrity at almost 2X the crash test Federal standard
  • Harness for longer use and multiple positions
  • Upfront flexible harness and buckle release enable convenient and easy adjustment
  • Built-in body cushion for extra comfort for baby and easily removable pillows to support head of older children.
  • Suitable for children between 5 and 40 lbs
  • Rear facing for 5 to 40lbs and forward facing for 20 to 40 lbs.
  • Almost 40 inches tall
  • 4 shoulder belt position and 5-point harness
  • Need separate travel system for the stroller needs of infant.

2. Diono Radian RXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat

Diono Radian RXT All In One Convertible Car SeatThe radian DionorXT designs feature steel frame for a strong foundation to bear strong shocks and disseminate bang forces away from a child. Side walls are designed with aluminum and head support is lined with energy absorbing thick EPS foams. This particular head support provides maximum protection against side impact. The energy absorbing Safe Stop harness offers additional protection for your children between 20 and 40 pounds in forward-facing positions.

Safe Stop provides bungee-like absorption facility and decreases the impact on your child. Moreover, the Diono Radian brags rear-facing tether capability to minimize the rotation of seat during any impact. This all-in-one seat is tested for the crash and surpasses all crash test Federal standards. It is tested for maximum rear-facing, forward facing, and booster load capacities. It is suitable to use for almost ten years.

It is good for a growing child because it can meet their growing needs. You can convert it to one booster seat for the children almost 120 pounds. A modifiable and reinforced head support provides 12 adjustments for height. It features an interlock and Euro-inspired fashion knit fabric for a plush and stylish ride. These seats look great in the car with their contemporary colors. It is easy to store this seat because of its folding design.

Highlighted Features

  • All-in-one car seats with steel frame for additional safety
  • Rear facing car seat can support between 5 and 45 pounds, forward facing between 20 and 80 pounds in a 5-point harness
  • Memory foam and cushions for extra comfort of infant
  • Modifiable headrest with strengthened sidewalls
  • Infant support insert for body is tucked under a seat
  • EPS energy foam lining for extra security
  • Foldable design to fit in a medium size vehicle
  • Steel frame for extra durability and comfort
  • Memory foam for comfort of your child
  • Usable for almost 10 years
  • EPS foam for safety and comfort
  • Can be bulky to carry from one place to another

3. Disney APT Convertible Car Seat

Disney APT Convertible Car SeatDisney Baby APT Minnie Mouse convertible car seat keeps children between 4 pounds and 40 pounds safe in a rear-facing position. It is one of the safest seats to travel in your car with your toddler. It offers 40-inch maximum height to fulfill the needs of growing children. You can move Disney Baby APT to a particular forward-facing position for kids between 22 and 40 pounds and 43-inch in height. Travel can be fun with this Minnie Mouse. This adorable seat keeps the head of your child extra cozy. The sweet and subtle silhouettes in a premium pink fabric make every ride fun and comfortable.

Special signature of Minnie adds a unique touch to the seat. The Disney Baby APT comes with a five hitch height and three buckle locations to accommodate the traveling needs of growing child. The special 5-point harness comes with a special up-front amendment. You can use a sippy cup or bottle of your child because it comes with 2 cup holders. These holders allow you to keep the drinks of your baby near you.

LATCH and side impact protection make this seat a special addition in your car for the safety of your child. There is no need to worry about side crash impact. You can correctly and quickly install the seat with its special LATCH.

Highlighted Features

  • Good for children between 5 and 40 pounds, 19 inches to 43 inches height
  • Protection from side impact
  • Forward facing and rear facing adjustments
  • 5-point harness along with up-front amendments
  • Softgoodspackage of deluxe Disney
  • Beautiful and comfortable car seat to add new look to your vehicle.
  • Affordable car seat for maximum security
  • Forward-facing and rear-facing for growing children
  • 5-point harness and LATCH system
  • Pillow can be uncomfortable for some kids

4. Evenflo Symphony Elite All-In-One Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Symphony Elite All In One Convertible Car SeatThe all-in-one Symphony Elite convertible car seat can hold your 5 to 40 lbs. Infant in the rear-facing position. For toddler between 22 and 40 lbs., you can adjust the seat in forward facing position. Accommodating the growing needs of your children is good. Convert this seat into one of the best booster seats for your child between 40 and 110 lbs. The seat is designed to exceed all applicable Federal standards for safety for superior protection. The side e3 impact protection of Evenflo offers maximum protection and decrease the crash forces of side impact and increase the security zone.

The Symphony seat features 5-point Slide Infinite Harness for accurate fitting. The harness will protect your child from constant fiddling. The exclusive LATCH connectors make it easy to install the seat in your car within 60 seconds without exerting extra power. The seat features a unique foam liner to absorb energy, adjustable headrest, detachable body and head pillow for extra support and comfort. You can get the advantage of multi-position up-front recline from the comfort of your child while awakening and asleep.

The seat pad is easy to remove to wash in your machine. With the help of built-in cup holders, you can easily access drinks. You can confidently buy the car seat of Evenflo because they are a leader in innovation, education, and safety of children. You can provide ultimate luxury, comfort, and safety to your child. It offers protection against buckle burns and secures the car seat in an appropriate position.

Highlighted Features

  • All-in-one seat for children between 5 and 110 lbs. for forward facing and rear-facing capabilities
  • Booster mode to support weight almost 110 lbs.
  • The seat takes only 60 seconds to install in your vehicle with auto-retracting LATCH connectors
  • The infinite 5-point slide harness slides
  • Evenflo’s special e3 protection for side impact to decrease the crash forces of side impact to almost 50{b4756096701560efac2d84c5bfb42bffd2afdb44c23b38d265f4e104dea54e64} through three layers of extra protection
  • Recline the head of your child while sleeping
  • Harness to adjust on the for accurate fitting
  • Good position for leg while rear-facing
  • Machine washable cover
  • Lock-off device is missing with the installation of seatbelt
  • Harness is not detachable

5. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car SeatGraco convertible extend2fit car seat can keep your growing kids stay comfortable rear-facing for a longer period. The Pediatrics America Academy recommends the rear-facing seat for almost 2-year of children. You can put your baby rear-facing without sponging their legs. Special Extend2Fit technology offers an extendable foundation to give five extra inches to your little one. It offers extra room for legs for stretching while positioning them rear-facing almost 45-inch and 50 pounds.

The hassle-free harness storage can hold the buckles easily. It is easy for you to get your baby in and out of the buckles. The harness system is adjustable and safe to the height of your child in a single motion. There is no need to rethread these straps. The flexible 3-position extension panel offers 5-inch extra legroom. It allows your kids to comfortably and safely ride rear-facing without any trouble.

3-position rear-facing extension panel is good in tandem along with 6-position recline. It will keep your child comfortable. This seat is suitable for children with more than 45-inch and 50 pounds. The lifespan of the convertible car seat is almost 10-year. You can store it easily because of its particular design and compact size.

Highlighted Features

  • Rear-facing toddlers from 4 to 50 pounds and the forward-facing children from 22 to 65 pounds
  • 3-position extension pane adjusts to offer 5-inch extra leg room for the safety of your child
  • Child can ride safely without any trouble with its flexible features
  • 5-inch extra leg room
  • Forward-facing almost 65 pounds and rear-face for 50 pounds
  • 10-year life span for maximum value of money
  • 6-position to recline the head of your child
  • Headpiece can be uncomfortable for children
  • Harness can be difficult to tight

6. Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat

Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car SeatGraco Contender 65 convertible seat looks like having two seats in 1. The rear-facing car seat is good for children between 5 and 40 pounds. If your child is ready to convert to forward-facing, you can adjust the seat accordingly. The forward-facing is suitable for a child between 22 and 65 pounds. You can use these seats to protect your child for numerous years. The safety conscious parents can get peace of mind with the utilization of this seat. The seat exceeds FMVSS 213 safety US standards.

The seat features EPS to absorb energy and efficiently manage the impact of energy. It is good to correctly position your growing child from newborn to toddler. With Graco Contender 65, you will get headrest with eight adjustable positions. It is easy to adapt different needs of your children. The car seat features a LATCH for easy installation of convertible seat to your car seat. This seat comes with an easy-to-read indicator level for easy installation in the rear-facing position.

The Graco Contender 65 car seat comes with special Safe Adjust harness system. You can easily adjust the seat of your vehicle with this harness system. It offers maximum protection to your children. The 5-point harness with the front adjustment is good to move your child quickly. It comes with a detachable body and head support to keep your baby always comfortable.

Highlighted Features

  • Good for rear-facing and forward-facing positions
  • Flexible harness system without re-thread harness for automatic adjustment
  • Tested side-impact to exceed all safety standards
  • Built-in five-point harness system
  • Crash tested to meet FMVSS 213 standards
  • Flexible headrest to meet the needs of growing children
  • Switch between rear-facing and forward-facing positions
  • LATCH for easy adjustment of convertible seat
  • Special harness system for the safety of toddler
  • Build-in cup holder to keep your child happy.
  • Buckles and straps can be difficult to unlatch or tighten

7. Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car SeatSafety 1st Grow is the best infant car seatsuitable for newborn children to older kids. You can safely travel with your child and use it for a longer duration. You can extend this seat at every stage. With infants between 5 and 40 pounds, you can use this seat in rear-facing position. For children of almost 65 pounds, you can use forward-facing position. A harness is available for the security of children in the forward-facing position.

If your child is ready to use the seat belt of the vehicle, you can remove the harness and go with the booster mode of the 3-in-1 car seat. It can bear almost 100 pounds. Your child can make the seat messy, but the removable seat pad is easy to wash in your machine and dryer. It is easy to remove the covers without any trouble. The forward-facing and rear-facing mode come with harness holder to keep its harness in an exposed position. You can easily access harness without messing with the seat.

The seat is designed to provide extra-large space to your child. The rear-facing offers 7-inch extra space for legs. The seat is equally comfortable for children and parents by providing them leg room.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to grow for 3 stages extended use, such as rear-facing, forward-facing and booster
  • Protection from side impact for the safety of children
  • Easy to move your child in and out of the seat with the help of harness holder
  • QuickFit harness can adjust headrest and harness in one step
  • Machine washable pad and dry in dryer without any fear
  • Good fit in different modes, such as booster, forward facing and rear facing
  • No re-thread of harness is required for newborn
  • Hideaway harness while using in booster mode
  • Get multiple recline positions for the rear-facing position
  • Take lots of front and back space while installing for your newborn
  • Top harness 16.75” lot is lower than numerous other seats

8. Graco 4ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

Graco 4ever All-in-One Convertible Car SeatGraco car seat is convenient for all parents because you can adjust the height of headrest and harness. You can adjust the seat in one motion to increase the security of your child. You can get the advantage of 10-position headrest to meet the needs of your growing child. The seat offers maximum safety to your child while traveling in your car.

The car seat features lush inserts to increase the comfort of your child. The Graco 4ever convertible car seat is tested for reliable industry standards. The seat comes with two built-in cup holders to keep juices near your child. It is useful even for a booster mode. With 6-position recline, you can seamless adjust the seat as per the needs of your child. Safety is a priority of Graco; therefore, the car seats are extremely secure for the journey of your little one. The seat is tested for side impact crash and interior temperatures of the car. The energy boasting EPS foam is effective for the energy management.

Steel-reinforced frames provide durability and strength for years for smart use. The car seats met US safety standards and tested for security. The seat comes with a 5-point harness, and side-impact tested system. These seats come with numerous features to make your life easy. Washable seat covers enable you to keep the seat clean. With easy-to-read indicator, it is easy for everyone to search a right position for optimum safety and accurate installation.

Highlighted Features

  • 4-in-1 convertible seats for 4 – 120 pounds
  • 10-year maximum life span
  • Forward-facing seat from 20 – 65 pounds
  • Booster seats in the belt-positioning style for 30 – 100 pounds
  • Backless belt-positing style for 40 – 120 pounds
  • InRight 1-second LATCH system
  • Steel-reinforced exterior and frame
  • Bubble level innovative indicator
  • Option for backless booster seat
  • Washable padding to keep the seat clean
  • Bulky size can make it difficult to install

9. Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car SeatBoulevard ClickTight of Britaxcar seat is good for newborn and older children between 5 and 40 pounds and 20 and 60 pounds respectively. You can increase the safety of your child after installing this seat. The ClickTight car seat features groundbreaking installation system. The seat protects your baby in special SafeCell Impact Protection. It is designed with the global components and increase the convenience with quickly adjusted head protection, comfy harness indicator, and 14-harness protection.

With ClickTight installation, you can quickly install this seat in your car. After this installation, you will get a peace of mind because you can travel without tension. Built-in SafeCell Impact Protection is available only on the special Britax convertible car seats. The unique features include an impact-absorbing tether, energy-absorbing base and steel frame with staged-release stitches to decrease the movement during any crash.

With deep shell (energy-absorbing) and comfortable foam-lined headrest makes almost two levels of protection to shield your child from any side impact. With its click and safe, comfy harness indicator, you can provide an ideal level of tightness to your child. The harness offers 14 positions to adjust the seat with your growing child.

Highlighted Features

  • ClickTight installation method is a simple and safe technology.
  • Good for rock-solid installation in your car
  • Dual protection from side impact designed by quick-adjust head and deep foam-lined shell to absorb energy and protect your child
  • SafeCell protection for the safety of children, such as energy-absorbing and steel frame base along with patented V-shaped leash
  • ClickTight makes installation simple
  • Generous capacity for rear-facing style
  • Re-threading is not required to adjust the height of harness
  • Durable steel frame for longer life
  • Expensive than other models with ClickTight
  • Can be inconvenient and heavy for air travelling

10. Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat

Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car SeatThe Alpha Omega Safety 1st convertible seat is ideal for children up to 40 pounds. The car seat with extended use offers superior convenience and comfort. These are good for the growing needs of your kids. You can start using this seat with a rear-facing seat with detachable support for the infant. It proves helpful to position your baby in the seat snugly.

For an older child, you can choose belt positioning booster or harnessed seat. The seat can bear almost 100 pounds in booster mode. Adjust the padded headrest and movable armrest to move your baby in the seat quickly.

The comfortably padded QuickFitfine-tunes the harness of the seat in only one step. There is no need to re-thread the harness to adjust the headrest without uninstalling a harness or seat. The Alpha Omega Elite is a special 3-in-1 seat to keep your child safe during a car ride.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 modes to support between 5 and 35 pounds
  • 5-point harness enables you to adjust the height of harness from your front
  • Get side impact safety and 3-position recline to adjust your head
  • Detachable head support is available for the convenience of your child
  • Detachable holder for cup and rotating arm rests
  • Versatile seat for extended use of car seat between 5 and 100 pounds
  • Suitable to use in all modes
  • Hideaway harness while using in booster mode
  • Multiple recline positions for back facing mode
  • No re-thread of harness is required after newborn adjustments
  • Requires maximum space while installing for newborns

Final Words

If you want to purchase the best convertible car seat 2017, it will be good to evaluate different types and brands available in the market to choose the best one for your child. The safety of your child should be your priority.

Every car seat must meet the minimum security standards, and parents have to consider these standards. You can consider top 10 convertible car seats given in this post. Compare all models and feel free to choose any one of them.

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