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Best Electric Meat Grinders 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

By Atif | Last Updated 27th January, 2018

best electric meat grindersAre you looking to buy the best electric meat grinders for home use? You are at the right place because you will find the best meat grinder review.

The meat grinder is an essential tool for meat lovers to reduce the chances of impurities. Grinding your meat at home will make it safe for you to eat. Having your domestic grinder ensures that you are eating something healthy and delicious. It offers you optimum control over flavor and texture of meat.

Find the Best Electric Meat Grinders 2017

An electric meat grinder at home will be a valuable choice for you. It enables you to process all types of meats. It is easy to adjust the grinder as per the texture of meat such as coarsely shredded to finely shredded meat. With the use of electric meat grinder, you can save money in the long run. These grinders are faster and efficient than manual mills. Just feed the meat into the chute, and the electric grinder will do rest of the work for you. In this article, you will find reviews of top meat grinders so that you can quickly evaluate the performance and quality of meat grinders.

Meat Grinder NameMotor WattageRatingItem Weight 
STX-3000-TF Turboforce Grinder
(Editor’s Choice)
30004.112 pounds
STX-3000-MF Megaforce Grinder30004.212 pounds
Sunmile SM-G73 Meat Grinder6004.312.8 pounds
Weston No. 8 Meat Grinder3504.642.2 pounds
Weston No. 12 Meat Grinder5604.642 pounds
Sunmile SM-G31 Meat Grinder2504.27.9 pounds
Della Industrial Electric Meat Grinder14004.08 pounds
Shield Distribution Meat Grinder20004.012.7 pounds
TMS Electric Meat Grinder20003.913.1 pounds
STX-1800-MG Magnum Grinder30004.013 pounds

How to Choose the Best Electric Meat Grinder for Your House?

You can get an idea about different meat grinders with our electric meat grinder reviews. A high-quality grinder can make your life easy, but during the buying process, some people get overwhelmed with different types of features.

Size of Meat Grinder

The first thing to consider about a food grinder is its size because a large size meat grinder can manage great volume and work faster. If you want to buy a manual crank grinder, you should understand that large size grinders require more power to move the crank. The larger mills can compensate this with an extended crank handle to offer more leverage.

If you want an best grinder, you can get large size grinder with a powerful motor. Big grinders require more power to push the large quantities of meat through this machine. Regardless of the manual and electric grinder, you should consider large size meat grinder to get more power and speed. Small mills can make your work difficult with their small feed tube.

Grinder Plates

Meat grinder comes with grinding plates known as cutting plates. It is a round stainless steel or carbon plate with numerous holes in it. These holes sit at the end of a meat grinder. The meat is pushed through the plate holes, and the spinning blade cuts crossways the holes several times in a second. Grinding plates are available in numerous sizes based on their diameter to match the size of your grinder. Beside their standard size, the plates come with different sizes of holes to make coarse, medium and fine ground meat.

Best home meat grinder come with almost one grinding plate, but some machines may contain 2 to 3 plates by model and size. You can purchase additional grinding plates to get a variety of ground meat for sausages and meat products. Additionally, these plates should be replaced periodically because these may get dull.

Grinder plates may come with smaller to larger sized holes. To make fine ground meat, the plates are designed with 1/8″, 1/4″, or 3/16″ diameter holes. Plates with ½” or even larger holes are good to make large pieces of meat. These plates also come with medium holes to coarsely grind meat.

Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel Grinder Plates

Stainless steel knives and plates are expensive than carbon steel, but the stainless steel plates are sturdy than carbon steel and stay sharp for almost three times longer. Stainless steel plates and knives may not rust, and the carbon steel knives and plates require extra care to prevent rusting. You have to keep them dry and covered with a thin oil coating.

Electric vs. Manual Grinders

You have to choose between manual and electric grinders. Hand meat grinder is often used to stuff sausages, but it is a complicated procedure with hand crank meat grinder. Electric machine can make your stuffing process easy. You can work on the electric machine at a faster speed.

These are good for people who want to grind meat in large batches. The electric motor saves your time and efforts and enables you to quickly work without taking any other help to stuff the sausages. You can function without worrying about the crank.

Grinding Performance

The quantity of meat that you want to grind is an essential factor to consider while choosing a new grinder. If you are a casual user and want to use this machine occasionally, you can select a casual model. If you want to prepare large amounts of ground meats and sausages, you will need a powerful machine to handle large quantities. Meat mincers have large motors with maximum horsepower to deliver maximum horsepower for the best results regarding grounding per minute.

Safety and Cleaning

When you use your meat grinders, it is essential to manage every piece correctly. The safe grinders should allow easy disassembly and cleaning. It is important to regularly clean your meat grinder that means the hopper and other parts. While cleaning your meat grinder, the disassembly should be easy without slicing yourself on the cutting blades. Some grinders may not disassemble that will require manual cleaning of some parts of the meat grinder.

Durable Design of Meat Grinder

Other than the motor, electric grinders contain some primary components of the standard units. The hopper grasps the meat cubes before grounding them. You can use the pusher to force meat downward the feed tube to easily move everything. At the base of feed, there is a screw that pushes the meat in the blade, at the point of the actual grinder. There is a plate at the base of the blade with holes to push the meat. The blades can finely mince the meat and plates give shape to the end product. Additional parts are available in numerous models for your convenience.

Moreover, you should consider warranty of meat grinder. The product should offer sufficient protection against mechanical defects. The warranty period for grinders is almost one year, and it should cover critical components, such as cutting plates, hopper, and screw. Some grinders offer extra warranties that cover motor of electric grinders for a longer period.

Best Electric Meat Grinders 2017 Reviews

If you want to get the maximum value for your money, you can consider the best grinder reviews. Here are top ten mills for your kitchen:

1. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Best Electric Meat Mincer Machine

STX-3000-TF Turboforce ReviewSTX International Turboforce 3000 Series is an electric meat mincer machine and it delivers 800 to 1200 Watts of grinding power. This grinding machine offers everything as per your needs. It comes with excellent quality accessories. The grinding head of Size # 12 is designed with food grade polished aluminum. You can get 3 grinding plates made of hard steel, Kubbe attachment and a set of sausage stuffing tubes.

It comes with accessories to grind meat, make Kubbes and sausage stuffing. Manual is available for easy set-up, clean up and operations. You can get the advantage of three speeds, high, medium and low. Sausage stuffing is done on the low speed and meat grinding is easy to do at high speed. You can get the advantage of meat pan, grinding head and auger. The 2 1/8” hopper open and enables you to mince large portions of meat.

STX International Turboforce 3000 Series feature three blades that are easy to wash with your hands. With the help of adapter and sausage tube, you can try your home recipes. With adapter and Kibbe/Kubbe attachments, you can easily make Kubbe. This international life of grinder can meet your maximum requirements to your satisfaction.

Special Features:

  • The grinder features a locked 3000 Watts of motor, circuit breaker for maximum safety and 3 speeds
  • You will get 12 number grinder head instead of smaller sizes like 8 or 5, 2 1/2” diameter output and 2” diameter feed tube
  • Include three steel grinding plates for coarse, medium and fin mince, three stainless steel blades, 3 piece sausage tubes and Kubbe attachment
  • 8 percent customer satisfaction
  • One year warranty with parts and labor, replace or fix guarantee
  • Comes with warranty for repair and maintenance.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Have numerous accessories, such as sausage and Kubbe attachment.
  • Powerful motor to work quickly.
  • Circuit breaker that guards the motor against any power surge.
  • Made of aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Air-cooling system it not effective.

2. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce Grinder and Best Meat Mincer

STX 3000-MF Megaforce ReviewTX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF features patented Air Induction system to increase the life of grinder. The Air cooled meat grinder offers 800 watts to 1200 watts of grinding power during casual use with 3000 Watts of motor wattage. All STX electric grinders come with 100 percent guarantee for almost 3 years and it valid in the adjoining United States.

Initial 30 days are backed by money back guarantee. If you find any defect in the product, you can get it replaced within 30 days. STX megaforce comes with numerous accessories to grind meat, make Kubbes and sausage stuffing. You can read its manual to understand it functions and uses. The manual has tips for its operations, set up and cleaning. You can get the advantage of durable and large #12 grinder with meat pan, grinding head made of aluminum and auger.

The augur features Advanced Variable Intake (AVI) that is combined with 2 1/8” hopper to offer you the capability to grind large portions of meat. It features 3 stainless steel chopping blades and you can wash these blades in the dishwasher. It is the best meat mincer for its price and features. You should read manual for cleaning and storage. It features 3 hardened/tempered steel grinding plates and wagon wheel for easy grinding. The medium plate has 1.25-inch holes for second or medium grind. The small plate is designed with 5/32-inch holes for fine grinding.

Special Features:

  • Patented Cowl Induction Cooling system features 3000 Watts locked motor, three speeds and circuit breaker for security
  • Don’t wash the parts of this grinder in a dishwasher
  • Size number 12 grinder and 2 ½ inches diameter output to ground meat and 2 inches diameter feed tube
  • Includes three grinding plates of tempered steel, beaner plate, three stainless steel cutting blades, three piece set for Kubbe and sausage tubes attachment
  • Backed with 1-year fixed guarantee, labor and parts
  • Meat grinder can grind meat, but it is not a meat and bone grinder
  • Durable grinder for long-term use.
  • Cutting blades, Kubbe and sausage attachment.
  • Hardened carbon steel gears in the unit.
  • A right combination of power and variety.
  • Size #12 large grinding head to manage large meat batches.
  • Can’t wash in dishwasher.
  • Require manual washing.

3. Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Stainless Steel #8 Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G73 ETL ReviewSunmile SM-G73 ETL is a heavy duty meat grinder for domestic use. With 1000-watt motor and die-cast hopper, you can grind a good amount of meat in a limited time. The grinder comes with square meat tray made of aluminum to hold a good amount of beef to simplify this procedure. Die-cast head of aluminum is durable enough to meet your grinding needs. It comes with 3 cutting plates to grind the ingredients and sausage attachment makes it easy to stuff your sausages at home with a stuffer. It is easy to clean and operate, even for beginners.

You will get complete accessories with this meat grinder, such as 3 stainless steel plates, 1 steel cutting blade, 3 sausage attachments, and 1 food pushes made of plastic. Be careful and wash only plates and blades in dishwasher. There is no need to put screw, tube and hopper in the dishwasher because this can cause discoloration of coating duet to aluminum oxidation.

The product is backed by 1-year warranty by manufacturer. You can grind almost 60 to 100 lbs. in each session without overheating. It is good to give it a break of 10 to 15 minutes after using it for almost 20 minutes. It can grind large quantities of nuts wonderfully. The housing is made of aluminum with stainless steel wrapping. The feeding tube and meet tray are also made of aluminum.  It has reverse button, reset button and on/off button to control the functions of grinder.

Special Features:

  • Powerful 600W rated motor with 1000W maximum power
  • Tray #8 is made of stainless steel enclosed body.
  • Big button for easy operations and gear box and gears to release easily
  • Good ventilation, low noise and safety switch, reverse function and circuit breaker to avoid burnout of motor
  • Grind up almost 185 pounds per hour.
  • Polished grinding head and tubes are made of aluminum
  • Full accessory set has 3 types of sausage attachments, food pusher made of plastic, steel cutting plates and cutting blade.
  • Lightweight and inexpensive meat grinder.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Reverse button.
  • 1-ear manufacturer warranty.
  • Sausage attachment, Kubbe attachment and food pusher made of plastic.
  • Plastic gears and unpredictable quality control.
  • Brief product manual with images only.

4. Weston #8 Commercial Meat Grinder

Weston #8 Commercial Meat GrinderWeston meat grinder is ideal for field fresh and farm raised meats for handcrafted sausage, meatloaf and burgers. You can use it to make a variety of home-based sausages, such as summer sausage, Italian sausage, breakfast links and snack sticks. It features 10 to 40 mm funnels to make sausages. The grinder is certified for commercial use and it can grind almost 18 lbs. in a minute.

The weston meat grinder is made of stainless steel and comes with three stuffing funnels, stuffing star, funnel flange, cutting knife of stainless steel, two grinding places and stomper. It makes your work easy to process your own meats, such as wild game and deer to make burgers, sausages and other meaty treats. With its versatile and compact design, it is really easy to store it in your kitchen. With its 350 watt motor, it is ideal for domestic and commercial use.

You can get the advantage of its optimal grinding performance and lifetime use. It is easy to disassemble for cleaning. It comes with limited 1-year warranty by manufacturer.

Special Features:

  • Stainless steel two grinding plates for medium, coarse and fine grinds
  • 350-watt and ½-horsepower motor
  • Air cooled and permanently lubricated motor
  • Fennel for sausage stuffing
  • Compact design and stomper to store attachments
  • Large tray for grinding
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Good for commercial use.
  • Safe for users due to circuit breaker.
  • Can handle all types of game meat.
  • Designed with rubber feet.
  • You have to manage feed for next grind.

5. Weston No. 12 Commercial Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

Weston No 12 Commercial Meat Grinder ReveiwWeston No. 12 is good for commercial use because you can grind mince for burgers, meatloaf and sausages. It is good to make delicious sausages, breakfast links and snack sticks. It comes with 10 mm to 40 mm funnels to make sausages. With commercial grade accessories, you can process meat at home without any problem. You can make snack sticks with the Cyclone-inch auger.

The stainless steel commercial meat grinder is easy to clean. Large stainless steel pan is durable enough and easy to clean. Offer maximum capacity with stainless steel auger and feed assembly, greater head design. It can process almost 7 to 9 pound per minute and 540-pound per hour. All gears are made of metal and greased with oil for maximum protection and smooth operation for its whole life.

It is equipped with circuit breaker for the safety of motor and rubber feet offers maximum stability. It features stainless steel cutting blade and plates. It is backed with 1-year limited warranty and rubber feet for maximum stability. It is air cooled and permanently lubricated. The total weight of meat grinder is almost 42-pounds.

Special Features:

  • Offset and extra wide throat with ransacked head promote the high speed grinder on the market
  • Accuracy engineered steel gear for rugged durability and quiet performance
  • Air cooled and lubricated motor runs smooth for its lifetime
  • Hand guard and reverse function
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Disassembles for storage and cleaning
  • Easy for portability
  • Two years warranty
  • 2 stainless steel plates for 4.5 mm fine grinds, 7 mm coarse and stainless steel knife
  • Sausage stuffing kit has spacer, adapter and four funnels of different sizes
  • Stainless steel parts and machine.
  • Big piece auger.
  • Metal gears and powerful motor.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Stable and durable meat pan.
  • Heavy machine.
  • No reverse.

6. Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Electric-Meat Grinder Mincer ReveiwSunmile SM-G31 ETL is a durable meat grinder with powerful 250-watt motor and die-cast metallic hopper. It helps you to mince large portion of meat in a little period without any problem. Durable and high power motor ensures long-term use of this grinder. Removable aluminum square meat tray can hold a good quantity of red or white meat to make stuffing easy. Die-cast grinder head is made of and it is designed to last for a longer period. The complete set of fittings can meet all your grinding needs.

Three cutting plates enable you to mince all your ingredients. With the help of sausage attachments, you can easily stuff sausages. You can use a new stuffer. The grinder is easy to work with your on and off switch. The grinder features 250W rated power and the maximum power of the meat mincer is 800W.

The meat chopper machine comes with numerous accessories, such as stainless steel chopping blade, meat grinder, stainless steel chopping plates, sausage attachments and a food pusher made of plastic. Only plates and cutting blades are safe for dishwasher. The product comes with 1-year limited warranty.

Special Features:

  • Rated power is 250W and the maximum locked power is 800W for domestic use.
  • Detachable plates, stainless steel blades, screws and aluminum tube
  • Comes with full accessories, such as 3 cutting plates, 1 cutting blade and 3 sausage attachment along with a plastic food pusher.
  • Grind almost 150 pounds meat in one hour
  • On and off switch for easy operation
  • ETL certificated
  • Simple and quick to use.
  • Affordable machine to grind meat and make sausages.
  • Large aluminum tray for meat.
  • Create fine, medium and coarse textured meat.
  • Safe unit for domestic use.
  • Can’t push mince out via attachment with force.
  • May need an extra stuffer for sausages.

7. Della 1400 Watt – Industrial Electric Meat Grinder

Della 1400 Watt Industrial Electric Meat Grinder ReveiwDella 1400 Watt is designed to make your life easy because you can grind your meat with its 1400 watt motor. It is easy to grind and slice meat with this unit. You can make sausages, meatloaf, hamburger patties ad game like wild boar, elk, venison and deer. The Della features 1400 watt motor to manage tough meat. The grinder is durable enough for commercial use because it is made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel design and detachable head makes it easy to clean your grinder. The wide throat can efficiently handle big meat pieces. The industrial electric meat grinder can manage 3 to 4 pound meat in a minute. The grinder is made of ABS plastic, aluminum and metal. It is easy to store attachments in the compact stomper. The security circuit breaker is good to prevent motor burn out. With the help of Kubbe attachments, you can make stuffed meat food items.

Special Features:

  • Powerful 1400w output
  • Plates for medium, fine and coarse grinding
  • Compact stomper to store attachments inside
  • Versatile grater with three cutting accessories
  • Meat grinder can cut meat in different sizes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Grind the bones of chicken easily for dog food.
  • Excellent to grind up deer meat and make jerky.
  • Easy to assemble and affordable.
  • Machine may give off an odor similar to motor burning.
  • Machine is really loud.

8. Shield Distribution 2.6 HP 2000 Watt – Sausage Grinder

Shield Distribution 2.6 HP 2000 Watt ReviewIt is suitable for your kitchen or commercial use. With cast aluminum and stainless steel construction, this grinder is durable enough for commercial and domestic use. It features a powerful precision gear drive and 2.6 HP motor, along with reverse and forward switch.

This sausage grinder can support your numerous kitchen needs with its amazing features. It is constructed with high quality metal and may last long. With its three cutting accessories and multi-purpose grater, you can manage your kitchen chores. Its accessories are useful to make coarse, medium and fine meat. This grinder can make your life easy.

Special Features:

  • All-metal tray and head
  • Versatile grater with three cutting accessories for fine, medium and coast grinding of meat
  • Compact design of stomper to store attachment inside
  • Kubbe attachment to make stuff meat dishes
  • Powerful output 2000W peak rate motor
  • Durable grinder.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Three cutting accessories.
  • All metal components.
  • Commercial grade.
  • Stuffing tube is missed.
  • Noise level is high.

9. TMS Electric 2.6 HP 2000 Watt Industrial Meat Mincer

TMS Electric 2.6 HP 2000 Watt ReveiwIt is a high quality meat grinder with lots of functions and features. With the help of this electric meat mincer, you can cook meals, such as sausage, meatloaf, and burgers. This cutlery-grade steel cutting blade and 3 cutting plates can produce fine, medium and coarse grinds meat. If you want a healthy lifestyle, this can be the right choice for you. It is ideal for supermarket to generate high quality cuts of consistent quality.

Hopper and auger are made of cast aluminum. This meat blender machine supports 110V/60HZ and 2000W power output along with 2.6HP rated motor. With hopper plate, all-metal head and detachable tube, it is easy to control this machine. You can get the advantage of three speeds, such as reverse, low and high. Kubbe attachment, food pusher and three durable cutting plates all are specialty of this grinder.

Special Features:

  • High quality industrial meat mill with 2000 Watt and 2.6 HP
  • Versatile grinder enables you to cook sausages, meatloaf and burgers
  • Cutlery-grade cutting blades of stainless steel and 3 cutting plates can produce fine, medium and coarse meat
  • Made of aluminum
  • A manual is available for your guidance
  • Durable enough for industrial uses.
  • Comes with useful accessories.
  • 2000 watt motor.
  • 25 pounds total weight.
  • Easy to handle large jobs.
  • Sausage attachment can be missed.

10. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-1800-MG – Electric Meat Grinder

STX-1800-MG Electric Meat Grinder ReviewSTX INTERNATIONAL STX-1800-MG is a durable grinder with stainless steel housing. It is designed with their patented Cowl air induction system. It is durable enough for its stainless steel construction. This meat mincer comes with 3 years 100{58b2df4eeb2cbc4f2b1c2f7c7204a1498fdb4694c68716af12deb2c90f414c04} guarantee. The initial 90 days are covered by money back guarantee. If your product is defective or becomes faulty within 90 days, you can get its replacement. The remaining warranty period is covered by free labor and parts guarantee.

STX meat grinder features 1800 watts of maximum power. The unit is designed with #12 grinding head that is constructed with polished aluminum. It comes with 3 cutting blades, 3 tubes for sausage stuffing, and one Kubbe attachment. You can also use it to extra tomato juice because a tomato juice attachment is also available. The grinding head features aluminum pan for meat with one hopper opening. The large opening enables you to entertain big cuts.

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-1800-MG features three tempered grinding plates made of stainless steel. The diameter of the plates is 2 5/8”. If you want to make coarse grind meat, you can use a grinding plate looks similar to a wagon wheel.

Special Features:

  • Patented air induction and cowl cooking system with a locked motor of 3000 watts
  • Circuit breaker for maximum safety
  • Grinder size is 12 and it is larger enough to make your work easy
  • Tomato juice attachment and accessories are included to make fresh tomato juice
  • Customer satisfaction rate is 99.8 percent
  • 1 year 100 percent replacement or fix warranty for labor and parts
  • Efficient grinding with three speeds.
  • Attachments for tomato juicer.
  • 12-inches head for grinding.
  • 3 grind plates.
  • 1-year warranty for parts and labor.
  • Slightly heavy grinding machine.
  • Sausage attachments are designed with plastic.


If you want to live a healthy life by cutting the cost of your food, there is nothing better than a meat grinder to reach all your eating goals. A good grinder is an ideal way to avoid nasty chemicals and additive in your diet. By grinding your meat, you can avoid bulking agents and preservatives that manufacturers and supermarkets add to their product.

Grinding your own meat has numerous advantages, such as you can control the thickness of your meat as per your personal taste. You will exactly know what you want to eat and gives you proper control of your food. It is an ideal tool to avoid foul chemicals and improve your lifestyle. If you are planning to purchase a new grinder for your kitchen, you can consider our commercial meat grinder reviews to select the best unit for you.

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