Best Embroidery Machines 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

By Atif | Last Updated 20th December, 2017

Top 10 Best Embroidery Machines

Wanted to do embroidery just like professionals and look to buy the best embroidery machines in 2017?

If your reply is positive, congratulation because you have landed at a right place.

The embroidery machines are used from old times for crafting purposes. Nowadays, you can access modern and advanced machines. The design of old machines is different than modern machines, but their working principle is almost same.

Best Embroidery Machines 2017

A huge variety of embroidery and sewing machines are available in the market with different features and qualities. These machines prove helpful to stitch and decorate clothes of your family members or sell them in the market. For your convenience, we have prepared a top 10 list of the best machines for embroidery  2017. This list will help you to get a right machine for you.

Machine NameBuilt in DesginsRatingEmbroidery Area 
Brother PE770 Embroidery-only Machine
(Editor’s Choice)
1364.35 x 7 inch
Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine704.64 x 4 inch
Brother LB6800PRW Embroidery Machine704.64 x 4 inch
Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine1364.65 x 7 inch
Brother PE500 4x4 Embroidery Machine704.44 x 4 inch
Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine704.44 x 4 inch
Brother Designio DZ820E Embroidery Machine1364.24 x 4 inch
Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine704.24 x 4 inch
SINGER Futura XL-400 Embroidery Machine1253.410 x 6 inch
Brother HE-1 Embroidery Machine1004.520 x 18 x 15 inch

What Is an Embroidery Machine and Why Do You Need One?

Embroidery machines are used commercially in uniform adornment, corporate advertising and product branding. Hobbyists use this embroidery machine for personal craft and sewing projects. There are numerous types of embroidery machines to design different patterns because these computerized machines have stored patterns for embroidery with multiple threads and heads.

Beautiful embroidered portraits and dresses have high demand in the market. People are ready to pay any price for these art pieces. You may dream to design these embroidery pieces at your home because there are some embroidered pieces of your granny or mother. Now, it is easy to create unique patterns with your hands with the help of embroidery machine. Lots of modern embroidery machines are available in the market with lots of unique features. Some machines are designed with USB compatibility and internet connectivity. You can download new patterns on your computer and machine. These machines help you to create floral designs, fantastic images, and fonts.

These machines are an idea for anyone who wanted to take his/her embroidery skills to a new level. The best embroidery and best sewing machines are available for your assistance. Nowadays, you can access different types of embroidery machines with built-in patterns from the market. Some machines offer download options, and some enable you to transfer compatible files via USB port. You can select any machine as per your needs to move one step ahead in sewing game.

How Do I Find the Best Embroidery Machines Today?

If you want to buy an excellent embroidery machine, you have to consider a machine with autopilot and thread tension functions. For skilled sewers, it is easy to control these aspects manually. A beginner should look for the machine with consistent speed and tension. An embroidery machine should have loading bobbin options and easy color-coded threading. Embroidery requires the use of best machine embroidery thread and for this purpose; you have to wind your bobbin repeatedly. You should select a machine with automatic functions to wind your bobbin. The best machine offers thousands of patterns and a spacious work area to handle larger works.

Embroidery machines play an important role in the fashion industry. Unlike old sewing machines, you can get the advantage of computer aided sewing machines. There are some special machines that can add mesmerizing beauty to your dresses, bed sheets and curtains. The embroidery machines may cost between $300 and $8000 depending on the software of embroidery machines. Some embroidery machines are designed for embroidery only. Embroidery machines enable you to create beautiful patterns on various textiles. You should select the machine for the list.

Selecting an embroidery machine can be a challenging task for you because lots of options are available in the market. There are a number of factors that prove helpful to select a right embroidery machine for you. The most important factors are brand name, features, design, style, ease of use and your purpose to purchase this machine. It is essential to consider the width of throat, embroidery unit of machine, available hoops, and optional accessories, built in embroidery designs, digitizing software and services and warranty offered by the dealer. You should consider your budget before selecting an embroidery machine

1. Brother PE770 – Best Embroidery Machine For Home Business

Brother PE770 ReviewIt is time to take your embroidery skills to an advanced level with the help of Brother PE770 Embroidery machine which is the best machine for home business. This special machine features expansive 5 x 7 inches field of embroidery; hence, you can easily stitch bags, decoration items, and jackets. You will get sufficient space to rotate and combine designs, frames, borders and lettering for custom creations.

A built-in library is available with 136 designs. You can get the advantage of integral USB port to import your favorite designs to your memory stick easily. It is easy to save your favorite designs for the future use in its built-in memory.

This machine is perfect for any home embroiderer want a dedicated, versatile and fast embroidery machine. With 25-year warranty and free support, you can get the maximum advantage of this machine.

Highlighted Features

Some highlighted features of Brother PE770 Embroidery-only Machine are as under:

  • Large 5×7 inches Area for Embroidery: The extensive 5″x7″ area for embroidery offers you maximum space for monograms, combining designs with smaller re hooping, lettering and larger designs. You can make these designs on bags, quilt squares and jacket backs.
  • Card slot for Embroidery: Get the advantage of built-in card slot for embroidery to sew designs available in the embroidery cards of Brother. You have to purchase them separately.
  • Easy-to-use: This machine is easy to use with the back light touch screen display (LCD). With 1.4×2.7 inches LCD display (touch screen), you can get access to editing features and sophisticated designs. These are easy to circumnavigate and use. The machine is available with needle threaded. It is easy to follow the threading diagram given with numbers.
  • Editing features: This feature enables you to get the advantage of mirror-image, rotate, decrease and increase the size of designs and see the final look of your modified design on LCD display, before stitching this design.
  • Built-in memory: You can improve the design from USB stick or easily import your favorite design from iBroidery.com. Keep this machine up-to-date by downloading updates. You have to purchase USB stick separately.
  • Quick-set bobbin: Simply drop in bobbin, drag the thread via one slot, and initiate embroidering.
  • Auto-thread trimmer: This feature is an actual time-saver that enables you to have lower and upper threads cut, with just one touch of button.
  • Great stitch quality.
  • Preloaded designs.
  • Reduce eye strain while stitching.
  • Can’t operate without computer knowledge.
  • Can be louder while moving hoops.

2. Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Machine

Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Machine ReviewWith the help of Brother SE400, you can embellish different projects easily. You can get high-end and customized look with the help of this embroidery machine. SE400 offers a complete range of stitching features with 98 stitch functions and 67 sewing stitches. These features help you to decorate your gifts, clothes and home decorations.

With the help of 70 built-in decorative designs, five lettering fonts and 12 combinations of frame patter and designs in your PC, you can make beautiful fabrics. With the use of LCD display, user-friendly guide and built-in tutorials, you can easily craft your favorite designs. This will be the right choice for crafters, sewers and fashion designers.

Highlighted Features

  • This unique machine can cover 4X4 inches Embroidery Area and you can get freedom to work independently.
  • LCD touch-screen and easy-to-use backlit display will help you to easily access editing features, built-in designs and tutorials.
  • Automatic threader for needle to reduce your tension. There is no need to buy magnifying glass and tweezers.
  • With the help of updates, you can keep your SE400 updated and import designs. The users can access .pes standard digitizing design and ibroidery files in .pen format.
  • Bright workspace and stress-free bobbin preparation with bobbin-winding system that is quick and reliable.
  • Download unique collections of designs for embroidery.
  • Get the advantage of exciting blend of your creativity.
  • Auto bobbin rewind feature to save your time.
  • It only has 512 kb data capacity so it is not possible to load all designs at once.
  • Machine will not recognize designs smaller or larger than 4 by 4 inches.

3. Brother LB6800PRW – Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners

Brother LB6800PRW ReviewIf you want to get the best combination of embroidery and sewing machine, this model can be a good choice for you. This runway edition offers a complete range of 98 stitching functions and 67 sewing stitches. It will help you to add decorative and beautiful embellishments to your unique creations.

You can get the advantage of built-in embroidery design and 120 frame designs, five lettering fonts and 70 decorative patterns. With the help of integrated USB port, it is easy to import your favorite designs from PC. With the help of rolling bag, you can easily protect your machine. LCD display and built-in tutorials make this machine an excellent choice for beginners. The instruction manual is available in Spanish and English.

Highlighted Features

  • 67 integral Stitches: This model offers 67 built-in stitches, such as heirloom, quilting and utility stitches. These will help you to complete home décor and fashion projects.
  • 70 incorporated embroidery designs: With the help of these designs, 5 incorporated fonts and frame patterns will to create different projects for kids, animals and holidays.
  • Almost 4×4 inches Embroidery Area: This area is perfect to add your favorite designs on shirts, towels and napkins with letters and add fun to the clothes of your children.
  • Easy-to-use LCD Display: With the help of touch LCD display, it is easy for everyone to access built-in stitches and embroidery designs, frames, editing functions and lettering.
  • Built-in Tutorials: With the help of built-in tutorials, everyone one can learn the use of machine, automatic rewind of bobbin and accurately keep the thread spool.
  • Editing Features: With the use of this feature, you can easily modify the size of design, rotate and mirror image your design before stitching it.
  • Import Design and Update Your Machine: You can import designs from your personal computer or purchase from ibroidery.com and other sites. It is easy to download updates to always keep your machine up to date. The USB cable is available with machine.
  • Super Winding System for Bobbin: You can thread the bobbin easily by pushing only one “Start” key and this button can save your time.
  • Reliable Drop-in Bobbin: With the help of jam resistant and smooth sailing, you can quickly thread a bobbin.
  • 7-Point Feeding Dogs: The fabric feeding will be really smooth just because of 7-point feed dogs make it easy to feed a variety of textiles. There is no need to work with extra light because you will get brilliant light near needle area.
  • Computer connectivity to download new designs from internet.
  • Video tutorials for your guidance.
  • Can be ideal for Disney projects on fabrics.
  • Rolling bag is not durable enough to carry machine anywhere.
  • Features are Similar to SE-400.
  • Memory is not enough to load your all designs.

4. Brother SE1800 – Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE1800 ReviewGet ready to unbridle your creativity with the help of Brother SE1800 embroidery and sewing machine. You can get the advantage of built-in designs and stitches. Embroidery machine provides 5×7 inches field for embroidery to easily make designs available in the market. With the help of 5×12 inches multi-position hoop, it will be easy for you manage larger embroidery designs without rehoop.

Brother SE1800 features 6 built-in letting fonts and 136 incorporated embroidery designs. You can start embroidery immediately. USB port enables you to store thousands of beautiful embroidery designs on your USB drive. You can store your design anywhere as per your needs.

On touch screen LCD, you can increase the actual size of your design or rotate your embroidery design. With 184 stitches, you can use it as a full sewing and embroidery machine. With quick-set bobbin drop-in system and automatic needle thread, you can save your frustration and time. The Grand Slam package for embroidery is available along with thread box along with 64 embroidery thread count, and CD with 15,000 designs for embroidery, Prewound bobbins, stabilizer, Thread Converter III, Sock Hoop, Cap Hoop, Embroidery scissors for stork.

SE1800 Highlighted Features

  • Grand Slam Package: A package of value $1,170 is available for Embroidery is available with embroidery machine.
  • Built-in USB port: You can use USB stick to easily transfer designs to your machine without installing any extra software.
  • Built-in Embroidery Design: You can get the advantage of 136 integral embroidery design and six lettering fonts. You can easily make a beautiful design on 5×7 inches embroidery field. Your design will be easy to complete within a few steps.
  • Beautiful Built-in Stitches: With 184 integral stitches and ten buttonhole styles, you can easily decorate your fabric with sideways and horizontal sewing. You will get 5×7 and 5×12 embroidery hoop, overcasting foot, automatic buttonhole, stitch foot, fitting foot for button, thread spool for bobbins, bobbins, kneelifter, foot control, etc.
  • Available with all important accessories.
  • User-friendly manual to use machine.
  • Grand Slam set with 64 threads of embroider.
  • Needles may break during their use.

5. Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine Review

Brother PE500 ReviewPE500 machine can be an ideal choice for embroidery lovers. This exciting machine is loaded with lots of features and user-friendly embroidery designs. Brother PE500 machine has top-of-the-line features that are available in expensive machines only.

This machine will make your embroidery experience full of fun and excitement. This machine makes it easy for you to recycle your clothing by adding fashionable embellishments. You can turn your blankets and pillows into personalized pieces. It will help you to design monograms, home décor and much more.

PE500 Highlighted Features

  • Expansive 4×4 inches Embroidery Area: With the help of 4×4 inches embroidery area, you will get creative freedom to craft different designs.
  • Backlit LCD Display: Touchscreen LCD display with user-friendly backlit will make it easy to access integrated designs, control editing features, and view tutorials.
  • Automatic and Worry-free Needle Threader: Forget about tweezers and get the advantage of magnifying glass. With just one touch you can use threaded feature of your machine.
  • Computer Connectivity: You can keep your machine updated because online updates are available for machine. The PE500 supports .pes and .pen ibroidery files to digitize design and make them available for a wide audience after purchasing this product.
  • Starter Kit for Embroidery: Other than a complete line of accessories, you can get one starter kit with PE500 and start your first project. There are 3 embroidery thread spools and 3 sheets of weight stabilizer to manage medium weight.
  • Bright Workspace: There is no need to arrange a task light because brilliant light is available near needle area.
  • Easy Preparation of Bobbin: For easy threading, PE500 offers a winding system to quickly prepare your bobbins. There is no need to fish your bobbin thread because drop-in system for bobbin is available.
  • Drop-in system for bobbin to avoid fishing with bobbin and thread.
  • Supports .pes and .pen ibroidery files.
  • Touch LCD display to access and edit designs.
  • The machine works well, but requires additional software.
  • Harder to use for beginners.

6. Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine

Brother PE540d ReviewPE540D machine comes with 70 incorporated decorative designs, five fonts and 35 marvelous Disney designs. With 4×4 inches embroidery field, you can easily make your favorite designs on fabric. If you want to beautify the dresses of your children, you can get the advantage of 35 integrated Disney designs. Every user can use 120 frame designs, 5 lettering fonts and 70 decorative patterns to embellish quilts, pillows, blankets and dresses.

It is easy to view any design in LCD touch display available with back-lit. With 25-year warranty, bilingual manual for users and online technical and free customer support for the whole life of product, you can get the advantage of this machine for a longer period of time.

Online tutorials are available to make your work easy. Just connect your machine with computer and import thousands of designs from iBroidery or other sites. The 4×4 hoop for embroidery, bobbins, needle set, USB cable and bobbin thread are available. You will get spool net, spool caps, screwdriver, cleaning brush, needle set, seam ripper, scissors, USB cable, touch pen, power cord, operation manual in Spanish and English and quick guide are available for users.

PE540D Highlighted Features

  • Embroidery-only Machine: PE540D embroidery-only machine is available with 70 integrated decorative designs, 5 fonts, 350 Disney patterns and other designs. You can import other designs as well to increase your creativity. Built-in memory makes it easy for you to secure all your designs.
  • 4×4 Embroidery Area: The 4×4 inch area for embroidery is perfect to add Nemo, Mickey Mouse and other characters of Disney to school bags, jeans and gifts of children.
  • Computer Connectivity: Use your USB cable to connect your PE540D to internet and import your favorite designs in .pes format.
  • LCD Display with Touchscreen and Backlit: With the help of LCD display, you can access integrated designs, control editing features, view different tutorials and see the final look of your product.
  • Automatic and Worry-free Needle Threader: With this feature, just forget about tweezers and toss your magnifying glass away. Get the advantage of needle threader with just one touch.
  • Drop-in and Quick-Set Bobbin System: The quick-set and jam-resistant bobbin system will help you to quickly wind your bobbins. The winding system for bobbin is built-in and easy to use. See the super bright needle area to easily see the surface of fabric.
  • Lettering fonts and built-in designs.
  • Simple to connect with your computer to import any design.
  • Drop-in bobbin and needle threader.
  • This machine is not good for countries without 120V AC support. You can’t use even with one voltage adapter.
  • Embroidery Only machin.
  • 4×4 inches embroider space can be small for some designs.

7. Brother Designio DZ820E Embroidery-Only Machine

Brother Designio Series DZ820E ReviewDesignio DZ820E is an embroidery-only machine to embellish your home decorations and clothing. The spacious 5×7 inches embroidery area offers maximum flexibility to stitch your favorite designs. With incorporated USB port, 136 integrated designs and a set of hoops for embroidery, you can decorate your clothes, pillows and blankets. This special machine has compatibility with the iBroidery and you can access more than 5,000 designs for purchase.

The starter kit of DZ820E machines has high quality thread for embroidery, one pack stabilizer for your fabric, steel scissors and extra bobbins.DZ820E has two extra embroidery hoops to save your time and there are three frames for embroidery, such as 2.5×1 inches, 5×7 inches and 4×4 inches. You can get a CD with 200 designs for your personalized projects.

DZ820E Highlighted Features

  • Touch Screen Back-lit LCD Display:The monochrome LCD 1.4×2.7 inches touch screen is available to view integrated tutorials and edit different designs.
  • Built-in Memory Function: The integrated memory pockets enable you to store your favorite designs to the memory of your machine for their later use.
  • Integrated USB Port: With the help of USB port, you can easily import your favorite designs to the memory of this machine.
  • Drop-in Bobbin with Quick Set and Jam Resistant Properties: Exclusive drop-in and top-load bobbing proves helpful to ensure accurate placement of bobbins and improve your stitching quality.
  • Bright Area for Work: It is easy to see your design with brightly lit stitching area. This light proves useful to work on your dark fabrics.
  • Advanced Threading System:To get the advantage of threading system, just press its lever located on one side of machine and thread mechanically at the finishing point of every embroidery segment.
  • Fashionable Statement: You can give a personalize touch to your accessories and clothing. A CD is available with 200 designs that help you to make your own fashion statement.
  • LCD screen and touch display to view built-in tutorials.
  • Good for beginners to learn everything via tutorials.
  • Embroidery kit for starters with lots of important accessories.
  • Can’t use without computer knowledge.
  • Auto-punching software is missing.

8. Brother PE525 Machine for Embroidery

Brother PE525 ReviewWith PE525, you can explore lots of possibilities of reliable and affordable embroidery. This machine is equipped with lots of unique features for versatile embroidery work. After purchasing this machine, you can update your wardrobe with personalized and creative designs. It is easy to create your own blankets and pillows to turn them into customized gifts.

The users can get 4×4 inches area for embroidery, 120 frame designs and 70 integrated patterns along with five types of fonts for monogramming and lettering. The users can avail 25-year warranty and online technical and customer support for the whole life of your product.

Highlighted Features of PE525 Machine

  • Embroidery-only Machine: This versatile machine is available with versatile features to embellish your clothes, pillows and blankets. You can create lots of embroidery clothing with integrated designs or import new designs to increase your creativity.
  • 4×4 Embroidery Field: You can create beautiful designs on 4×4 embroidery field and get high-quality results. With PC connectivity and built-in memory, it is easy to secure your favorite designs. You can import designs from ibroidery.com or third party websites.
  • LCD Touch-Screen and Backlit Display: There is no need to use an external light because you can get the advantage of backlit display to view designs and tutorials.
  • Needle Threader (Worry-free): With worry-free automatic threader, you can forget about magnifying glass and tweezers. Auto-thread trimmer is a real time saver to save your time and cut lower and upper threads for you with one touch of button.
  • Super light in needle area of machine to easily see fabric.
  • Quick-set bobbin and drop-in system will help you to run bobbin and keep bobbin to its place.
  • Automatically trim lower and upper thread with just one touch of button.
  • 4×4 embroidery area is small for lots of designs.
  • Machine is not compatible with some fonts, such as cursive.

9. SINGER Futura Computerized XL-400 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Singer Futura XL-400 ReviewThe XL-400 Futura machine by Singer designed with lots of unique features for flexible designing. This machine has SwiftSmart system for threading with automatic threader designed for effortless virtual set-up. The drop and sew bobbin structure helps you to change and load the bobbin within a few seconds without picking thread of bobbin. To keep your sewing space properly lit, you can get the advantage of LED StayBright six lights. These lights prove helpful while sewing and quilting work. This machine has 30 famous integrated sewing stitches and two automatic buttonholes and 12 integrated embroidery designs with outline letter and five fonts.

With 10×6 inches embroidery hoop and multi-hooping abilities, it will be easy for you to work on a 12×20 inches design. This feature enables you to embroider beautiful projects, such as bedspreads, cloths, dresses and much more. You can get high-quality results similar to high-end embroidery machines. Just connect your PC with Futura XL-400 machine and import your favorite designs. You can use integrated software and tutorials to learn sewing and embroidering with this machine.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-hoop Capability:It enables you to create big designs up to 18 ½ x 11 inches. You can use this feature to give life to your imaginations.
  • Modify Your Designs: With the help of this feature, it is easy to modify your basic designs on computer screen.
  • Built-in Embroidery Designs: Singer offers 125 built-in embroidery designs that can be viewed on computer screen. You can select any one of them to create your own designs.
  • Staybright six LED Lights:To make your sewing surface bright, the Singer offers 6 LED Staybright lights. It will make your work easy and reduce eye strain.
  • Compatible File System: The integrated embroidery software can ready different types of files, such as FHE, JEF, XXX, PEC, HUS, DST, PES, SEW, PSW, VIP, EXP and VIP.
  • Smart and Swift threading system for quick and easy needle threading.
  • Sew and drop bobbin system to change and load the bobbin.
  • Spacious sewing space and well lit space to reduce strain on your eyes.
  • Computer knowledge is required to operate various functions of this machine.
  • Editing and auto punching software are not available.
  • Movement of hoops can make this machine louder.

10. Brother HE-1 Embroidery Computerized Machine

Brother HE-1 ReviewThis affordable HE-1 machine is embroidery-only and every beginner can use it to start clothing, embellishments, gifts and crafts.The 4×4 inches space is sufficient for various embroidery projects. You can easily view any design with the help of LCD touch-screen. This bright screen offers quick access to built-in embroidery patterns, 120 frame designs and five lettering fonts. You can easily import thousands of designs after purchasing them from third party sites and ibroidery.com.

This model has various high-quality features available only on expensive machines. You can enjoy high-quality stitching, needle threader (automatic) and integrated tutorials. It is easy to view tutorials on LCD display touch screen.This affordable machine helps you to explore the world of embroidery.

Highlighted Features

  • 4×4 embroidery area: This area is perfect to embellish clothes, home décor and accessories.
  • Integrated Designs: 5 font styles to make monograms and lettering, 70 integrated designs and 120 patterns for frames.
  • Computer Connectivity: Connect your machine with computer with the help of a USB cable and update your machine by downloading updates and import new designs.
  • User Manual: A user-friendly manual is available in Spanish and English languages.
  • Customer Support and Warranty: All customers can get the advantage of user-friendly manual, customer support, technical support and 25-year limited warranty.
  • Integrated Accessories: This machine offers extra bobbins, embroidery bobbin strand and embroidery hoop and much more.
  • Easy to use with advanced options.
  • High-quality stitches for versatile projects.
  • USB connectivity to import unique design.
  • Auto-punching and editing options are not available.
  • Can’t operate without computer knowledge.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

In short, the Brother PE700 is the best embroidery machine which should help you to fulfill all your embroidery objectives. This machine should be easy to use and possess all essential features to increase your productivity. Your selected machine should help you to craft versatile and personalized design. Every machine available in the market comes with its own pros and cons. In this article, you will find about the Embroidery Machine for home use with their features, pros and cons to make it easy for you to decide.

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