Best Machine Embroidery Thread 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

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best machine embroidery threadAre you looking to make professional embroidery pieces and want to buy the best machine embroidery thread 2017?

Congratulation, because you are at a right place. You will need durable embroidery thread with a unique shine. This post will help you to select right embroidery thread 2017.

The embroidery thread is used to decorate your dresses, napkins and bed sheets. Nowadays, special embroidery threads are available in numerous colors. These threads are different than old threads to bright neatness and clarity in your embroidery.

Best Machine Embroidery Thread 2017

If you want to make a beautiful pieces of art, you will need an appropriate thread in a range of colors. It is an important task to decide which thread is good to get perfect embroidered piece. It is essential to learn about type and weight of embroidery. Try to select thread with high weight and exceptional design. There are numerous types of threads available, such as cotton, polyester, silk and rayon. It is essential to assess the nature of design before selecting the thread. Rayon threads prove delicate to manage, and these are available in bright colors. You may need some hand embroidery supplies to work with best embroidery machine. Polyester threads are strong enough to use for different purposes like work uniforms, and sports uniforms.

Thread NameSpoolsRatingYards Per Cone 
40 Spools Polyester Thread
(Editor’s Choice)
404.2550 Yards
Simthread 63 Polyester Thread634.4550 Yards
80 Cones Polyester Thread 804.41100 Yards
Embroidex Polyester Thread2604.2550 Yards
63 Premium Spools Polyester Thread634.3550 Yards
ThreadNanny LARGE 25 Cones254.61100 Yards
100 Polyester Embroidery Thread1004.8550 Yards
50 Cones Polyester Embroidery Threads504.61100 Yards
40 Spool Polyester Thread1254.1550 Yards
ThreadNanny 20 METALLIC CONES204.31100 Yards

What kind of Thread to Use for Embroidery Machine?

You can use your embroidery machine to create beautiful quilted or embroidered pieces. You can use different types of embroidery thread for various purposes. If you want to decide the best embroidery thread for your machine, you should consider two qualities, such as type and weight.

Weight of Embroidery Thread

If you want thinner and finer thread, you should find a thread with high weight. A thread with less weight means a cumbersome and thick thread. Typical sewing yarn measures in almost at 50 wt. On the other hand, the regular embroidery threads are finer at approximately 40 wt. or 30 wt. The 80 wt. and 100 wt. threads are considered ideal for heirloom embroidery, redwork with 30 wt. threads or 12 wt. for blanket stitching.

Types of Embroidery Threads

You can choose specific embroidery floss as per your needs. Here are some machine embroidery threads available in different colors:


It is the famous and popular machine embroidery thread and easy to find on the market. You can get it in many vibrant colors. The thread is made of organic cellulose and has a soft touch and luxurious sheen. Despite their amazing presentation, they may fade with time.


The ultimate cotton and natural fiber thread is an age-old standby thread. It is good for traditional embroidery and heirloom. The best cotton threads are prepared from Egyptian long-staple cotton. It is strong and free of any lint. Various cotton threads have a matte finish as compared to rayon or polyester. Machine embroidery with durable cotton thread imitates hand-embroidery. Cotton yarn is great for cross-stitch, bean stitch, redwork, and quilting.


This thread is special for its vibrancy and strength. These are equally famous among machine quilters and embroiderers. Easy to use and shiny polyester threads have the great advantage of bleach and being fade resistance. These qualities make polyester an amazing choice for linens, towels and children’s clothing. Trilobal polyester yarns are really strong because these are made of multiple filaments. Their special triangular shape helps them to reflect extra light as compared to rayon and polyester threads.


Silk is considered ideal for luxury embroidery. These threads are matchless in their function and appearance. Silk is a natural fiber and has the steadiness of cotton and strength of amazing polyester. The shine of silk is better than its counterparts. It is extremely fine at almost 100 wt. Silk is good for the machine and hand embroidered applique enthusiasts. Stitches will nearly disappear with the use of silk thread.

Metallic Thread

It is a famous specialty thread, and it can be really finicky. Some threads can be flat instead of round and others may include holographic fibers coiled around the inner core. It may slow down stitch speed, decrease tension and use one large topstitch needle.

Monofilament Clear Nylon Threads

These threads are good for invisible applique and quilting.

Variegated Threads

These are available in hundreds of colors, and you can change colors incrementally. Some threads are dyed in delicate repeats while other may be distinct and bold. This thread is perfect for designs and patterns where tone-on-tone is required.

Solar Activated or Light Sensitive Threads

This thread is perfect for astrological designs and Halloween patterns. It may look white under regular conditions, but glow in the dark. Children love the mystic effect of this thread. It can make your embroidered piece priceless.

Bobbin Thread

Bobbin thread is special for machine embroidery because these are strong enough to manage the stress of speedy stitching. You can keep your dense embroidery designs flexible. You can try an all-purpose bobbin thread that works really well for embroidery needs. You can purchase bobbin thread and needles of similar fiber content and weight. The fineness of bobbin thread makes them easy to wound on a bobbin. You can try thread of famous brands available in the market.

1. 40 Spools Polyester – Best Machine Embroidery Thread

40 Spools Polyester Embroidery-Machine Thread Review40 spools polyester machine embroidery thread is available in beautiful and bright colors. The thread works perfectly with Brother SE-400 machines. Each spool contains 550 yards (500 meters). The color numbers of the thread set is almost same as the threads of brother for your convenience. Embroidery threads are ideal for Bernina, Husqvarna, Pfaff, Singer, Janome, Babylock and Brother Machines.

If you want to enjoy smooth embroidery experience, you have to clean your machine once a week in bobbin area. It will reduce tangling and frustration while working with machine. It is a durable thread for routine to heavy usage. This polyester thread is designed for commercial, monograming and high-speed embroidery machines. With its beautiful colors, silky sheen and durability, this thread can be an ideal choice for embroidery.

Highlighted Features

  • 40 spools polyester thread for embroidery machine.
  • 550 yards (500 meters) each spool.
  • 40 weight.
  • Thread has similar number for colors as brother thread for easy matching.
  • Rack of thread is no included.
  • 100% polyester thread for embroidery.
  • Available in variety of colors.
  • Thread is really strong.
  • Small size spools.
  • Thread may tangle and break frequently without cleaning.

2. Simthread 63 Polyester Brother Embroidery Floss Thread

Simthread 63 Brother Colors Polyester ReviewSimthread was established as a devoted supplier of embroidery floss since 1980. They have special production patents and OEM embroidery thread for worldwide customers. The colorful polyester 40 weight 120d2 embroidery thread for Brother Machine is tri-lobal polyester yarn. It is designed with second generation technology to manage high luster, vivid color and sheen of thread. It is suitable for computerized machines. Thread is perfect for beautiful embroidery because thread will not break while working.

Colors are beautiful and work well for special designs. You may get some bobbins and tear-away stabilizer. Trilobal polyester is high-sheen, twister and multiple filament thread. It has bright appearance of silk and rayon. This thread can give an attractive look to your fabric.

Highlighted Features:

  • This yarn is famous for its superior quality.
  • Tri-lobal polyester thread use second generation technology to maintain the high sheen, luster, and vivid colors that match the colors of Brother.
  • This thread is suitable for domestic computerized embroidery machines, such as Bernina, Singer, Janome, Babylock, and Brother.
  • Thread will not lint, shred or break.
  • It is available in 63 famous colors.
  • 500M (550 yards) per cone.
  • Variety of colors is suitable for professionals and beginners.
  • You will not get rack with threads.
  • Trilobal polyester thread.
  • High sheen, vivid colors and luster.
  • Thread will not bread, shred or lint.
  • Tiny Spool.
  • May break without cleaning bobbin area.

3. 80 Cones of Polyester Embroidery Threads for Computerized Machine

80 Cones 1100 Yards Each ReviewYou will get 78 cones of polyester along with 1 cone of black and 1 cone of white bobbin threads. The colors are sharp and bright, and there is no need to worry about color fading in normal washing. All spools are shrink enfolded to avoid any damage from dust. This thread is excellent for any machine, such as Bernina, Husqvarna, Pfaff, Singer, Babylock, Brother and Janome machines.

These are threads of ThreadNanny brand and these are not particular for any brand of computerized machine. These threads work well on all machines. The polyester thread comes with a special chart indicating the colors. You can use a sharpie and write color number on the base of each spool for later use.

Product Features:

  • Super Deal New 80 cones of Polyester thread of 1100 yards for embroidery.
  • 78 colorful cones and two cones of black and white bobbin thread.
  • Almost $0.75 for each cone of 1100 yards cones.
  • 100% colorfast without running in normal washing.
  • It is good for commercial and home machine.
  • It offers high strength for speedy and bright embroidery.
  • 78 colorful and two black and white cones.
  • 100 percent fast colors.
  • Good for commercial and home machines.
  • Thread may not come off equally.
  • Cones are small.

4. Embroidex 260 Spools – Best Polyester Embroidery Thread

Embroidex Polyester Mega Kit 260 Spools ReviewGet ready to use the set of 260 colorful polyester spool threads for embroidery. Every spool has almost 550 yards thread and 40 weight polyester. You can use on different embroidery machines.

This great bunch of thread is available in beautiful colors and you can use this thread with almost all computerized machines. Each thread is covered with a plastic and you can remove this cover and put them in order to make your work easy. With a fine tip sharpie, you can write on the spool as per your convenience.

Highlighted Features

  • Polyester mega kit for embroidery
  • Monofilament looks like a fish line
  • High quality machine embroidery thread
  • 40 weight polyester
  • Every spool contains 550 yards
  • 260 different colors
  • 40 weight polyester.
  • High quality embroidery thread.
  • Mega kit with 250 different colors.
  • Labels or numbers on the sticker that comes off when you load the thread.
  • Difficult to start the spools.

5. 63 Premium Spools Polyester Embroidery Thread Set

63 Premium Spools Polyester Embroidery Thread Set ReviewIf you own brother embroidery machine, the premium polyester embroidery thread set can be an amazing choice for you. This thread set comes in similar color as Brother 63 thread set. You can get the advantage of cones similar to Brother Cones thread. The threads are extremely shiny and lustrous. The 40wt for thread is suitable for Bernina, Husqvarna, Pfaff, Singer, Janome, Babylock and Brother Machines. Thread rack is not available with thread and you can purchase this rack separately.

This thread is strong and has resistant to shrinking and stretching. It is resistant to most chemicals and resilient when dry or wet. Machine stitch can increase the beauty of quilt by adding complementary and intricate designs throughout the whole fabric. These threads are ideal for quilting projects. These threads are great to compliment embroidery machine of
Brother. Threads are glossy and vibrant for remarkable embroidery work.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium quality 63 all Brother colors
  • 100 percent polyester embroidery thread with high tenacity
  • 1100 yards spool with 40 wt thread
  • These are large 1100 yards cone instead of small 500 yards cone
  • Color number is given for easy reference
  • Strong and smooth embroidery stitches for beautiful work
  • Thread stand is not included
  • 1100 yards spool and 40 wt thread.
  • 63 vibrant colors for embroidery.
  • High tenacity 100 percent polyester thread.
  • Compliment Brother machine thread.
  • Can be difficult to find starting thread.
  • May shred or break thread.

6. ThreadNanny 25 Large Cones Multi Embroidery Thread Colors

ThreadNanny LARGE 25 Cones ReviewYou can get 25 cones of quality polyester thread. Each cone has 1100 yards and these are different from regular threads. The colors are bright and 100% fast. There is no need to worry about running in casual washing condition. All spools are shrink enfolded to avoid damage from any dust. This thread is amazing to use on any particular machine.

The embroidery thread contains similar numbers as Brother Thread. You can search conversion chart of Brother thread to find some conversion charts. This strong polyester thread is colorfast and colors will not fade, bleach or bleed. The threads are better than ordinary polyester thread. You can wash this thread with detergent without any problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Polyester embroidery yarn.
  • 25 cones of 1100 yards in each cone and 40 weight.
  • Variegated colors on every spool.
  • High speed and high strength embroidery.
  • Bright and beautiful colors.
  • No running and bleeding in normal washing.
  • 100 percent colorfast.
  • Good for commercial and home machines.
  • No solid hues in the set.
  • 1100 yards in every cone.
  • Variegated colors.
  • Good for all embroidery machines.
  • Patchy colors for small designs.
  • May break a lot under some circumstances.

7. Premium 100 Polyester Embroidery Thread Spools

Premium 100 Polyester Embroidery Thread Spools ReviewNew 100 polyester embroidery threads are compatible with Babylock and Brother. You can use them with various embroidery machines to increase the beauty of your fabric pieces. The original name of thread is printed on the spool so conversion is not required. You can get the advantage of 100% color fast. The color will not run or bleed in cold or hot water.

High stretchy strength will make it easy to do embroidery at a fast speed. Every spool is particularly shrink wrapped to protect it from dust. Every spool is almost 550 yards and you can verify the thread amount before making a purchase.

Highlighted Features:

  • New poly 40 wt embroidery thread.
  • 100 mini cones of 550 yards.
  • Thread is compatible with Babylock, all brother and other brands of embroidery machines.
  • You can get all Babylock and Brother Colors.
  • The original name of color is printed on each spool; hence, no conversion is required.
  • 100 percent color fast that will not run or bleed in cold or hot water.
  • High tensile color for faster and strong embroidery.
  • Every spool has particularly shrink wrapped to the protection from debris and dust.
  • Each spool has 550 yards.
  • Compatible with Brother and Babylock.
  • High tensile color thread without bleeding.
  • May break in the middle of job.
  • Can be difficult to find a start.

8. PREMIUM 50 Cones (1100 Yards Each) of Polyester Embroidery Threads

PREMIUM 50 Cones 1100 Yards Each ReviewYou can get 50 cones of excellent quality embroidery threads of polyester. Each cone contains 1100 yards thread and this set contains 50 beautiful colors. These are different than regular embroidery threads and you can’t find them to ordinary sellers. These have great strength and offer premium quality. All colors are bright and 100 percent color fast without any bleeding or running in normal washing. All spools are secure from dust because of shrink wrapping. You can use this thread on any machine.

This thread is specially designed for embroidery and decorative purposes. You can’t use it for regular sewing because this thread is different than sewing thread. You can purchase your required thread with the help of color code. This brand works equally well for newbies to experts. You can use this durable thread for numerous embroidery projects, such as baby clothing, quilting, etc. Thread is equally good to use on home and commercial machines.

Highlighted Features:

  • 50 cones of durable polyester threads for embroidery.
  • Each cone has 1100 yards thread and 40 weigh.
  • Excellent strength for speedy embroidery.
  • Bright colors.
  • 100 percent color fast and no running or bleeding in washing.
  • Good for commercial and home machines.
  • Will not tangle or break while working in high speed.
  • Color conversion chart is available.
  • High quality thread.
  • Strong and dust-free thread.
  • Nicely packed thread.
  • 1100 yards and perfect for high speed machines.
  • There can be a problem with spools.
  • Thread may break during work.

9. 40 Spool Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Set Vibrant Colors

40 Spool Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread ReviewWith 40 spool set, you can decorate your fabric piece. Each cone has 500M embroidered thread for all machines. The thread is special for its tensile strength and color-fastness. Polyester thread is famous for its outstanding performance. These spools can fit cartridge style holders that are typically used in the computerized sewing machines. This set is available in a convenient package and you can give it as gift.

Every spool has built-in snap style holder for thread on the base of spool. Thread rack is not available with 100 percent polyester (40 wt.). This polyester thread is shiny and slick thread. It is really pretty for embroidery work. You can use this thread with all types of machines. There is no need to worry about tangling because there is a snap style holder on the base of each spool. You have to remove spool cap before using it to avoid thread breaking. You can use conversion chart to pick a suitable color for your work.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100 percent polyester in set of beautiful 40 colors.
  • 550 yards (500 meter) thread on each spool.
  • Four sets without any duplicate colors.
  • Vibrant set includes white and black thread.
  • These spools are suitable for all brands of machines, such as Husqvarna, Singer, Bernina, Melco, Babylock, Pfaff, and Brother.
  • The set comes in a nice packaging and you can send it as a gift.
  • Each spool is shrink wrapped.
  • Outstanding color-fastness, shine and tensile strength.
  • Every spool possesses snap style holder for thread on its base.
  • Holder can hold the end of thread to its place during storage and avoid tangling and unraveling.
  • Thread is almost 40 weight and it is standard for embroidery with machine.
  • Different shades and bright colors.
  • Soft and silky touch.
  • Good to use on all embroidery machines.
  • Thread may slip from spool.
  • It can be difficult to search thread end.

10. New Threadnanny 20 Cones Best Metallic Embroidery Threads

New ThreadNanny 20 METALLIC CONES ReviewThis special embroidery thread has 20 mini cones of metallic threads for embroidery machines. Every spool has 1100 yards thread and perfectly protected from dust with particular shrink wrapping. You can use it with your regular needle, but make sure to release some tension because extra tightness can break the thread. If you want to prevent tangles, you can use a thread feeder. You can successfully make different embroidery pieces with the help of this thread.

The thread is nicely coiled in cellophane and each spool has a label on its bottom. You can easily mount it on your thread rack on the wall. With this thread, you can get particular glamour of silver and gold tones. This thread is made of polyester core wrapped with a particular metallic foil. You can get beautiful colors of metallic threads and all threads come in standard cones. You can get the advantage of 20 famous colors to add some glamour in your art piece.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super shiny threads for machine embroidery.
  • Each thread has 1100 yards.
  • You can get the advantage of 20 famous colors.
  • This special thread can add sparkle and shine to your art pieces.
  • This thread is available at affordable rates.
  • Original metallic thread is only available on Amazon. Don’t waste your money by purchasing it from local sellers.
  • Super shiny metallic thread.
  • 20 beautiful colors.
  • Affordable price and fast delivery.
  • May tangle easily with little carelessness.
  • Spool may wound in chaotic fashion.

Special Thread Handling Tips

People often have a complaint of difficult handling even with top-rated embroidery machine threads. Breakage during stitching is an ordinary problem, and people often blame thread for this issue. You can get rid of this problem with a few adjustments to your best sewing machine. Sewing machines may vary, but these handling tips can help you to get rid of numerous stitching problems:


The first important factor to consider is tension. If you are going to try one new thread, you have to check the upper tension of your machine by stitching 3-inch long Zigzag stitches on the sample of similar fabric you want to embroider. Correct tension can be slightly unbalanced with the tighter tension of bobbin. The needle thread should slightly pull to the underside. If the thread completely covers the bobbin thread on its wrong side, the tension is too loose.

Wrongly balanced tension may cause bird-nesting or a pile of threads formation under the fabric. If you notice looped threads, your thread is slipped out, and you have to check the lever guide. You have to check lint between different tension discs and periodically clean these discs. Manage upper tension by cutting the tread at the spool. Upward pulling of thread can be the reason of frayed ends between tension discs and can damage your thread. Keep it in mind that thread is passing through the bobbin tension at fast speed and lint may amass and cause breaking of the thread. You have to clean inside around the bobbin case.

You should check the thread-feeding system of your machine. You have to provide an unobstructed and straight path to your thread to avoid potential problems. If you are facing thread break problems, you should check the spool pin because sometimes threads can stitch better from horizontal pin instead of a vertical pin. A horizontal pin may make your thread spiral and cause snap and twist. Vertical pin offers a straight path to your thread to slide downward the edge of the spool. If you find it difficult to adjust the position of your thread, you can choose Martha Pullen, or ThreadPro thread stands to unwind thread without any problem. The thread is tightly wound and kink while it unwinds.

You should consider the direction to wind off your thread from the spool. For an amazing stitching experience, you can use cross-wound spools to feed off from the top and straight-wound spools to feed off from the side. Some threads may work better as they unwind from the back or front of their spool. If you find it difficult, you can remove the thread and turn it around.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

The products mentioned in this post are considered as the best machine embroidery thread 2017. With a range of features and colors, every product is unique. A high-quality polyester thread is strong enough for quilting and embroidery work. You should have a good thread machine and experiment with different threads and patterns. If you want a wide range of colors, you can purchase Embroidex Polyester kit with 260 spools. Every spool has 550 yards, and you can get the advantage of a wide selection of colors. The shipping weight of this kit is almost 12.8 pounds. The problem with this product is the unavailability of conversion chat with the product. The polyester of this brand is really strong to facilitate the needs of maximum customers. The spools are of medium size and made of clear plastic.

For your Brother machine, you can use also use 63 Brother color threads. You will get beautiful colors to decorate your fabric pieces. It is also good quilting, and you can efficiently work without any problem. The only problem is the inclusion of rack. The total weight of this product is almost 2.9 pounds. The thread offers sufficient tensile strength and will not break even after many hours. Locking bases of threads may shred them, but this can lead the thread to break or tearing of threads. You can fix this issue with the help of a scotch tape. You can easily fix color problems with the aid of conversion chart.

40 spools polyester is another choice, and you can use this thread with Brother Embroidery machines. The product is ideal for numerous embroidery projects. You can bring brilliance to your projects. The threads come in clear and bright colors without any bleeding and fading issue. There are no reports about thread jams and breaks with this product. It comes with affordable prices and feature warranty along with it. For gold and silver finish, you can use

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